Nuestras Gafas de Sol



The north italian region of Veneto is the cradle of frame design and manufacturing for optical stores since the 19th century and the material source where Le Voyeur discovers year after year old-new vintage glasses.

Le Voyeur searches and revives, recovers and puts together its exclusive vintage glasses: Original creations from the most renowned brands in 20th-century sunglass contemporary design. Our stock also includes original pieces of work from small local brands and artisans workshops from that region, most of them vanished already and completely unknown to the public today.

But this is not the end of the story. We asked ourselves why merely seek out and revive old frames when we could also capture this style of glasses that so inspires us in a newly produced creation.  But of course, to be true to our work philosophy, this could not be created by just anyone, nor could it be made in any old place in the far East.  Le Voyeur does not simply wish to create attractive glasses but to reclaim and restore the value and style of traditional frame manufacturing, honoring the materials and production processes of that time.  A genuine way of working and conceiving the design of the looking eye.  Thus arose the idea of creating CLAS, our own collection of sunglasses.  Do you want to have a look?