This is our exclusive selection of vintage frames.  Glasses with a history, rescued from oblivion. All our items come from storehouses’ stocks and optical workshops.  These are not second hand glasses, nor faithful replicas, nor items that had some flaw.  These are thoroughly-checked frames from the best-known brands from the 50s to the 80s.

When needed, LE VOYEUR repairs and adjusts the frames and mounts new approved lenses on them (CR39 with 2 and 3 UV400 protection).

Et voilà!  Once more we have real classics, ready to see and be seen.

Glasses from another time, signature pieces of work with soul, timeless and already unique.  Manufactured with handcrafted fine materials, and never before used.

Most of them are unique and exclusive.  Real collector's items.  Besides, some of them come with the original case.
















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