And here are our clips with which you can give a new life to your old glasses! .

 Both for glasses with reading lenses and for those with a subtle colored lens, the CLAS clip is the ideal accessory for those who want to choose their degree of protection against UV rays without changing the frame.

Ecco qua the solution to many dilemmas: for those who feel naked without their inseparable reading glasses when they go to the beach (whether nudist or not), for those in love with their aperitif glasses with colored lenses, who so enjoy their luminosityin the sunsets and summer nights, but during the day they miss a filter with maximum protection when solar radiation is higher, or simply for those who want to soup up their favorite glasses with a purely vintage and genuine gadget. To all of them, Le Voyeur Vintage presents the new creatures of its CLAS family: Tondo and Pantos. And as part of the CLAS family, our clips are handcrafted in Italy.

Tondo is designed for round frames and Pantos is a clip compatible with slightly more square frames. Our Tondo clip is specially designed to fit our Giulia, Pierpaolo and Ugo models. But it is also compatible with any round frame, in acetate or metal, with a caliber between 43 and 48mm

Pantos is a slightly more square clip and, like the Tondo, it is compatible with a frame size between 43 and 48mm. Our Pantos clip is designed to fit on the Federico, Luchino and Vittorio models or on any other frame - made of acetate or metal - with a shape and gauge similar to these models.

All our clips setspolarized lenses (cat. 4 protection against UV400 rays) in brown, green or gray tones, on stainless steel frames in old gold, silver and black tones.