… .. Le Voyeur Vintage or what is almost the same: Álvaro and Simona, a couple of crazy dreamers of the past, who bumped into each other one summer on a unique island.

Since then they have taken to recovering old glasses, true jewels of traditional optics, to dust them off and give them a new life. There are those who say they have seen them during the winter traveling through distant valleys, through lost villages in the Alps and the Dolomites, crossing snowy mountains and enduring cold and gray days in their van, looking for these vintage treasures. There are others who claim to have gotten a glimpse of them, discreetly wandering behind dark glasses through the old neighborhoods of the main European cities, visiting the most legendary opticians of each place they passed through. Some even claim to have come across them at a fair, in Madrid or Barcelona if I remember correctly ... but it is not easy to recognize them, they go completely unnoticed: people only look at their stand, full of unique and old sunglasses.

And then they’re suddenly gone, in the early spring, but it is easy to find them, as they are known to spend their summers on a small island called Formentera.